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New Distributed Autonomous Corporations can reward loyal customers with deflationary bitshares

I came up with a new strategy for distributed autonomous corporations and how they can build wealth for the people.
Let's say you wanted to buy a bitcoin mining rig (or a car, or anything). You could buy one from a standard dealer or you could buy one from a new distributed autonomous corporation that offers cryptoshares with every purchase. Consumers can actually hold a stake in the DAC and get what they wanted anyways. BTC like Blocks are replaced with products sold (can also be mined, bought, sold, earned), i.e.
First 1000 products sold yield 1000 cryptoshares 1001-10000 products sold yield 500 10001-100000 products sold yield 250, etc.
Who do you think would rave enthusiastically about the new product they purchased from a company that they now OWN a share in? The DAC will go viral and the customers will promote the product like they made it.
Seeing how it would cost almost nothing in the beginning to award the cryptoshares, it can work. Originally 1000 shares may be worth $0.001 each. Soon they yield dividends and in time grow to $1 to even $100 each. Workers and investors will get lasting royalties and get legendary bitcoin ROIs, but now, even the customer can gain a stake in the company!
DACs are open and distributed, by the people, and for the people!
Please tip me so I can help make this a reality:
Btc: 19ZEhBMWtsntY4Kc8wPAkYfekYgCvJVh4Q
Doge: D9XzmPpHSAcfWn4VdBF93HC6pq4k7df1iT
Protoshare: Pfd7yVHojcWvcLeDCSmKPo77QD3EgZ3r8F
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